Is Search Engine Optimization Old-School

SEO for the purpose of selling and marketing the goods and services that are offered to individuals and businesses will always be extremely important for any entity to succeed online. There are a number of people that don’t put much trust in search engine optimization anymore for generating online traffic to web properties that they depend on for generating income or presenting information. Many of those properties have come and gone very quickly because they are buried so deep in the search engines that no one ever finds them.

To put it into the simplest of terms, ignoring and underestimating the importance of search engine optimization is one of the biggest mistakes any marketer, blogger or other online entity can make. Explaining the reasons why this is such a huge mistake would take a great deal of time and many pages of documentation. To help you understand the importance SEO plays in marketing efforts and online survival, here are two examples that may help make it clear.

Marketer one: A medical professional that specializes in prosthetics and other helpful equipment for individuals that have been injured or live with lifelong disabilities. This person decides to purchase an unrelated domain name and finds a decent web host for his online property. This individual then spends a huge amount of time putting together pages of content that present the exact information that already exists elsewhere on the Internet.

Once this marketer has wasted all of that time and effort, the person sits back and begins a waiting process for visitors to start going to the website and making purchases. Granted, on very rare occasions a visitor may happen upon the site. But the goal is not to have a customer every once in a while. To be successful and make at least enough money to support the cost of the domain and hosting, there needs to be a great deal of traffic and paying customers.

Marketer two: Also a professional in the medical field dealing with the same type of equipment. This person is very serious about building a successful presence on the Internet. The first step taken is learning what it will take to make it happen and grow.

After exploring a number of different options available to reach the end goal, the choices made establishes a roadmap to success. So this person begins the process by purchasing a domain name that contains relevant words having to do with the products. After establishing a decent website hosting account, marketer two starts taking the steps necessary to start reaching customers. This is the point in which search engine optimization should be incorporated in all future efforts.

The plan in mind is reaching out to people that need the products that are being presented for sale. The more targeted the reach for a responsive audience, the better the chances of gaining possible customers. This is exactly what SEO is all about in the online world. Even more so today than any time in the past years because of the changes in technology and growing dependence on mobile devices.

Marketer two approaches the challenge by thinking like searchers and also finding out what words and phrases people use to find services and products that they need. By understanding how the very results help and applying this helpful search engine optimization information, success becomes very real.

Taking the needs of potential customers into account, this marketer makes sure to set all of the basic optimization requirements in place. Then content full of helpful and relevant information is presented. The information asks questions and provides answers for people to find in search engines. Instead of providing regurgitated exact information, unique information such as the following is presented:

“How much do you know about protective gear such as knee braces are they helpful for everyday people or just athletes that have sustained injuries? Let’s take a closer look at when and why someone would need the help of braces for knees. A couple of scenarios come to mind that may help make it clear.

There are several physical conditions that require knee pads and other knee support solutions in order to maintain mobility or aid in the recovery from injuries. According to experts in sports medicine fields, these specific medical devices are classified as belonging to one out of two categories.”

It is obvious that the above example is more helpful than what marketer one presented. Time and again the echo of past successful online entities words “quality information leads to success” continues to ring true.

Providing the keywords and phrases necessary in titles, tags and most definitely the content of pages will do more for saving time and effort because there are purpose and benefits behind it. This article is a great start for this person to capture the attention of the visitors.

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